Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV

Brennley's First Super Bowl...she loved it, she was watching AND talking to the TV. Too funny!!

Daddy is going for the Colts and Bren and I are rooting for the underdogs...Geaux Saints!!! We will see :)

What we have been doing lately

I know I always say this but Im going to try much harder to keep up with this BLOG. Im not even going to try to catch up ill just start from here and what we have been up to lately....

Rainforest Cafe
Tyler is such a GREAT cousin...he loves Brennley so much

Parker too....he is such a sweetheart with Bren

Loves to chew on anything...can we say teething

Playing games with Daddy at Dave and Busters

Pretty Girl....

Loves sitting in this chair...she just recently figured out how to pull on the hanging toy to make the music smart.

Exploring new JELLO!!!

She was laughing at it.....

HI going to get you!!!!!

Really into playing with all her toys.

We love to play dress-up....
Hanging out in her comfy PJs....She is getting so much better at bedtime. We have stuck to a pretty good routine of bath, lotion, story, bottle, bed! I just wish we could get her to sleep through the night. We are almost there...she is sleeping from 7pm-4am...just a little longer and I would be one happy mommy :)

Brennley is loving baby food. We started giving her Oatmeal on Christmas morning and slowly we have been introducing the first foods. So far she is loving: Apples, Bananas, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Prunes, Pears. She is a great little eater, except for greens...spits em out every time!!

A NEW love this month is her Jumparoo! She loves to stand in it, not totally sure that she is suppose to jump...but she stills loves it!!!
We are having so much fun as a family and we are so blessed to have a happy healthy little girl, we love her so much.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

September FUN

Our first month home was sooo much fun...I could really get use to this stay at home mom business!!

Grandma had to leave eventually :( but we know she cant stay away for too long. We loved having her here soooo much. She drove me around and took me was great!
I had pretty bad cabin fever after being in the hospital for 5 days...I just wanted to be out and about.

This momma was crazy and even had a garage sale the first weekend we were home....I really was feeling so good and the weather was amazing so why not?!? We made enough money to buy a BBQ pit....we have been wanting one for a long time but it never got put in the budget so we just went for it and even had some money left over to do a little shopping too!!

Brennley was even a trooper and went with me and Crystal so we could get our nails and toes feet were so sore...all those late nights walking the halls with our little peanut my feet were hurtin.

The two of us meet up with Crystal and Ty to see a movie...wasnt sure how it was going to work but she slept through almost the whole thing...fed her a bottle and then right back to sleep for the rest, what an angel!

Daddys favorite thing these days!!!

This swing has been a total life saver...she loves it!

Doesnt love this as much....but it still does the trick sometimes :)

My sister has been more than AMAZING with everything. She has helped me soooo much with Brennley. Wednesday has kinda been her day to have Bren time and we love to have her with us. When Bren was just two weeks old Aunt Crystal practically pushed John and I out of the house and demanded that we go on a "date" sooo we did!!! We had a great time...even though the whole time we just thought and talked about Bren but we knew she was in GREAT hands. We were only gone about 2 hours but when we came home not only was Bren alseep but Crystal had been ironing....what a great babysitter...your HIRED!!! HAHA....Thank you sis for being a super aunt and a wonderful sis...

Daddy giving Bren a bottle for the first time...he was a natural

AWESOME care package my friend Emily sent....filled to the brim with yummy candy!!!!

Nelson coming in for a closer look...

Checking out her crib for the first time....I love this pic....she just looks like a little

We love our new neighbors. My good friend Brooke and her family just moved close by us...this is her daughter Bella....she loves Bren...she is going to be a GREAT big sister!!

The last Saturday of the month Johns parents came to visit Grandpa George got to meet Brennley for the first time and shame on me I didnt take any pictures. We had fun having Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Robert here for the day. We went to the open air market in Frisco and soaked up some sunshine, bought a yummy watermelon and enjoyed some shopping on Main Street. We even hit up Main Event and the guys played some pool and shuffle board.
Towards the end of the month my mom came to visit. It was wonderful to have her here. She did some cooking before she left so that I didnt have NICE!!!
The month went by WAY too fast as Im sure all the months will from now on...ALL we can do is soak up every moment!!

To the Doctor we go....

We went to our first doctors appointment when Bren was 6 days old. She was gaining weight and already growing.
When we were in the hospital she lost some weight and got down to 5lb 3 oz but at this visit she was 5lb 6oz...she was working so hard to get back to her birth weight :)
I love love love our doctor...he is a family doctor so we all go to him including my sister and her boys. It just so happened that they were seeing the doctor that day too....sooo we had a party in the room...haha!!

Cousin Parker checking out Brennley

Sweet boy Ty

Lovin on Grandma

Naked baby!!!

She was so alert the entire time...she loves him too :)

Clean bill of health....Im so thankfull and feel so blessed to have a healthy happy baby.

Rub a Dub Dub

First bath was sooo much was just a sponge bath since her umbilical cord had not fallen off yet. She did sooo great until I started washing her hair, she hated that part!!

She is just so sweet and we love having her in our lives.....

Looks at that scream....hehe!!!!!